So You Want to Get into Esports

 Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Whether you already have esports knowledge or are starting fresh,

We’ll work with you to help your business get into the industry.

Corporate Education

Consultancy And Strategy

Influencer And Event Activation

Corporate Education

Learn how to successfully enter the Esports industry.

With the aim to help understand;

  • the esports ecosystem
  • the esports value chain
  • how your brand or company may fit in the space
  • what the problems are in esports and how to find the solutions. 

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Consultancy and Strategy

You’ve heard all about Esports, you understand the basics and now are looking for the next steps.

Work with BIG Esports as we guide you through activating your next campaigns.

Avoid common pitfalls and learn how brands can properly work in the space.

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Influencer and Event Activation

Your brand, product or service is ready to go and you’re wanting to share it with a broader audience

Learn how your brand can work with Influencers and Events. 

With the help of BIG Esports, activate an Influencer campaign catered to your needs. 

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Fundamentals of Esports

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