BIG Esports announces its inception.

In Partnership with AAA Mobile Game Studio and World Series Poker Champion. 

Date: 20/11/18

Today BIG Esports is proud to announce its inception. Formerly Business in Games, BIG Esports includes Chris Smith (Director), Eranga De Silva (Events Specialist and Account Manager) and Nick Geronimo (Digital Specialist and Account Manager).

BIG Esports is founded through a partnership with Director, Chris Smith and parties including the founders of PlaySide Studios, Australia’s largest independent mobile game developer and 2005 World Series Poker Champion, Joe Hachem.

“With PlaySide it is important to us that we stay ahead of the curve in the tech and gaming industry. With a fast-growing market like esports, getting involved with BIG Esports is a natural fit for us. We are excited to be working with Chris on growing the industry locally and abroad” said Co-Founder and CEO of PlaySide Studios Gerry Sakkas.

On the company’s recent expansion, Chris Smith said, “The purpose of BIG has always been to provide betterment to the business side of the ANZ Esports Industry, and, with that in mind, this new partnership will ultimately help us grow the industry. We look forward to announcing some exciting new projects very soon.”

To date, Business In Games has enjoyed working with brands such as Fox Sports Australia, Gemba, Ovo, Hoyts, PLE Computers, AfterShock PC and Bluemouth in various capacities including consultancy, strategy, events and PR. BIG Esports is committed to developing business within the Esports, Gaming and Technology industries through mentoring, networking and events for consumers. Further providing consultancy, strategy and esports education to both endemic and non-endemic companies.

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About BIG Esports Pty Ltd: BIG Esports is a company based in Melbourne, VIC. BIG provides esports education, consultancy and strategy. BIG Esports is committed to developing business within the Esports, Gaming and Technology industries.


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