#021 - Starting an Esports Team, Finding Sponsors and Professional Play

With Nathan 'RiPpii' Mott (CEO of Direwolves)


How did you get into Esports and Gaming?

  • Pathway to League of Legends
  • Starting your Own Team
  • Competing in Tournaments
  • Riot involved in OCE
  • Oceanic Pro League
  • Transition from Player to Building a Business
  • Love and Passion for the Game

Starting a Team / Organisation?

  • Forced to wear so many hats
  • Adapt or Die
  • Cashflow Spreadsheet
  • Start-Up Culture
  • All aspects of the business

Gaming Houses

  • Replicating international teams
  • Get better by Grinding
  • Experiences
  • Sustainability and Longevity
  • How to optimise Work / Life balance
  • Finding the right Real-estate

Training Facilities

  • SCG Training Space
  • Meeting Room
  • Solo Queue Room
  • Scrim Room
  • Working with University of Technology Sydney

Traditional Sports

  • Broadcasting Rights

Dire Wolves Membership

  • Membership / Subscription Product
  • Recurring Revenue
  • Product / Service for League of Legends

Why Sponsorship

  • Do Teams need Sponsors?
  • What problem am I solving?
  • Demographic
  • Product Placement
  • LG (Whitegoods) approached Dire Wolves

Oceania Performing on an International Stage

  • Grass-roots
  • Guiding League of Legends Players
  • Levelling up the performance of the entire region

Direwolves – https://direwolves.gg/

Nathan ‘Rippii’ Mott – Twitter

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