#046 - Non-Endemics in Esports

with Scott Russell (HOYTS Esports) and Matt Jones (OVO)


  • Why esports? Is it the audience?
  • What did the pathway from knowing nothing about the industry to know enough look like for you?
  • Similarities between the esports market and any others that you play in?
  • Esports and Traditional Sport, are they complementary or do they operate separately?
  • How much do you invest in the potential for growth versus direct ROI?
  • What’s your long-term vision for your companies’ involvement in esports
  • What services or market areas are underdeveloped or missing?
  • Let’s say you’re getting pitched tomorrow, what information do you need and what information can you certainly do without?
  • Explain some shortfalls in esports business pitches that you’ve seen thus far 
  • Where does esports need to head in order to gather more non-endemic interest? 
  • It’s obvious you’ve both got a lot of big company contacts, what’s stopping them getting into the space?

 Matt Jones – LinkedIn

You work in developing sports a lot (Drag Racing) – What can esports learn from others? 

Scott Russell – LinkedIn

As mentioned in press releases, esports is a way for your cinema to remain on the edge of technology and user experience, what roles do you see cinemas playing in esports in the future?

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