#018 - Investing in Esports, Scaling A Start-Up

with Gerry Sakkas (CEO of PlaySide Studios)


  • Tell us about your inspirations in gaming, is there one specific title or franchise that you draw from?
  • Why mobile gaming? Why not PC or console?
  • Pathway into PlaySide, through Visceral Games Australia shutdown
  • What don’t people consider when looking for an investment that they should?
  • How do you scale and when? What methods do you use in order to not scale too quickly?
  • Is being a company owner/CEO something you always wanted to do?
  • What sort of revenue is more important to you in business? Once-off big grabs? Lower long-term deals or a combination?
  • Esports is in startup phase right now, can you give some advice for small company owners and how to manage staff + day to day?
  • How do you manage your time between internal and external company development?
  • PlaySide has recently begun working with apps other than games, how do you decide where and when to pivot?
  • What began your interest in esports?
  • As an investor in the space, what are the main criteria you look to fill?
  • What is the market missing?
  • Where would you like to see the market head? Is there an intersection between PlaySide’s VR/AR work and esports?


Gerry Sekkas – CEO Of PlaySide Studios

PlaySide Studios



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