#023 - International Gaming Events, Exhibitions, Booths and Esports

with GUY 'yug' Blomberg, Global gaming director - reedpop


Starting from and Pathway

Started writing about games – AustralianGamer – before there was a localised GameSpot / IGN.
No professional journalistic or business knowledge
Approached by Reed Pop

Was the Goal always International Expansion?
Love the Australian Gaming Community at a local level, Developers, Games and Media

Any culture shift in Gamers?
English speaking verse other languages
Differences in definitions of Hardcore verse casual gamers.

How do you enter the new market?
Finding the right people on the ground that know the culture of local markets?
Assuming you can read up without getting local knowledge

Booths at Tradeshows
Everyone can have a booth at a tradeshow
Chill out play some games have food
Anyone can find a reason to have a booth
What do you want to get out of the event?

  • Exposure
  • Recognition
  • Mingle Meet and Network
  • Make their mark

Indie Gamers at PAX Booths
Esports Teams – Selling merch
Influencer Agencies
Sales, understanding what you want to push, Community

At a consumer event, try to engage effectively
For the Fans, people following you
Trying to get new fans and followers
Metrics for Successful booth

Terrible Booth Activations
Usually by the staff attending the booth
Sitting behind the desk verse Inviting people in
You need to be forward facing

One of the favourite moments at a convention is after the last day
You’ve gone through the trenches

Luke Thompson – Head of esports at REED Pop
Working closely with Twitch
What does the audience want to see?
Tailor the content accordingly
Finding the balance between all gamers

  • Board Gamers
  • Console Gamers
  • PC Gamers
  • Cosplayers
  • Panels
  • Battle Royale – PC Area
  • Esports
  • Esports is here to stay.

Booth verse Panels and Talks
Most of the PAX events have ~8 theatres running and creating content
A broad range of topics and categories
Making sure the content is curated and there is a diverse range of people
Need to make sure there is a balanced range of content

Looking to learn more information
Event management and execution
Entertainment Exhibition and Events Australia
There are opportunities at events to volunteer
Jump on the ground, get grassroots knowledge and build from there

How do you know when to stop and move onto the next project?
This is more of a personal thing
What it is that makes you happy and what drives you

Not all businesses work out, you learn as much from your failures than you do from your successes
Everything you do is a risk and there is as much chance of it not working out than it is working out

How do you stay up to date what’s happening?
You can’t be the one person that knows everything about the industry
Relying on and Hiring other people to feed up information to keep you updated

Reed POP – Website

Guy ‘Yug’ Bloomberg

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