#015 - Growing Esports, Working with Valve, Dealing with Competitors

With David 'GoDz' Parker

02:23 – GoDz introduction
03:58 – Australian scene underdeveloped pushed people to move overseas for work
05:25 – Coexisting with competing businesses in the scene to grow the scene for everyone
06:51 – Is there room to expand?
09:01 – Working for, with and competing against competitors
10:17 – What’s involved in being talent? Sneak peek into working for Valve
13:12 – Beyond the Summit: from its inception, to the present and the future
15:01 – From starting as a commentary house to pivoting. Scaling and growing the business
20:34 – Revenue streams and utilising different market segments
22:56 – Forced professionalism, BTS following what works for them and sponsors being on board with their style. Working with sponsors for creative content.
26:50 – Esports being 24/7, changes to the DOTA2 pro circuit, less burnout.
29:26 – DOTA2 and LoL business model, pros and cons
31:51 – Non-endemics and esports, what can they (traditional business) do to learn?
34:11 – Non-endemics making content targeted to the industry and brands that should get into the space
39:31 – Tips for people who want to cast
41:44 – What would you do the DOTA2 scene collapsed?
43:39 – Tips for the Australian esports scene

GoDz and BTS Links


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