#020 - Esports Trends and Analysis for 2019, Reflecting on 2018


Industry trends & analysis

  • International expansion for esports brands – Fnatic into Australia
  • Live venues & activations a focus
    • Esports facilities
    • Training facilities
    • Bars
    • Tournament venues
    • Internet cafes
  • Automotive brands into esports
  • Opportunity for non-endemic interest
  • Are endemic brands going to be priced out?
  • A market correction – teams?
  • Where can you stay updated? 


  • What tools are we missing from the industry here in Australia?
  • Gaming houses or Bootcamp centres?
  • How can you get into casting esports?
  • How to prepare yourself as a member of support staff (Player/team management, coaching, analysis etc) for full-time work?
    • What skills/qualifications are required
    • Balancing esports voluntary positions with full-time work/full-time study
    • Are better pathways/training necessary than what’s currently available?

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