#016 - Esports Pathways, Growth, Influencers and Opportunities

With Ross Adcock


  • What’s the pathway to a role like yours?
  • How do esports & influencers fit into the overall marketing strategy for a brand like Corsair?
  • Have you seen growth in your budget towards these areas in 2019


  • How do you weigh up opportunities in the space? What interests you?
  • Are influencers tied to a global/regional marketing messaging as important pieces, or are they an on the side type of thing?
  • What gaps are influencers filling? Why them over traditional media?
  • Can you explain the different types of influencers you work with and why?
  • How do you like to be pitched influencers? What metrics and traits are you looking for?
  • How do you determine success in an influencer relationship?


  • What brand messaging do you tie in with esports?
  • How do you determine success in an esports partnership?
  • What’s your advice for an esports team looking at their first sponsor?
  • What trends in esports marketing are you monitoring closely?
Ross Adcock  – @Roscosity
  • 4 years in tech & esportsPreviously at GIGABYTE Aorus
  • Now at Corsair as ANZ PR & marketing specialist 
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