#022 - Building A Global Esports Brand

with Anne Mathews (Co-Founder of Fnatic)

Introduction and Background

  • Beginning with son, Sam Mathews, in London
  • 2004 – Quake Gamer
  • Developed Teams
  • Anne was the finance department
  • Sam and Anne co-founded Fnatic
  • 2015 – Anne stepped aside

Developing an Esports brand from the ground up

Setting up as a business

  • Bank accounts
  • Getting Money
  • Must have the Team (without the team you don’t get recognised)
  • Dutch team (Quake)
  • A lot of PR to get known
  • Around when CPL come around
  • Back pocket to get teams sent to America
  • No support
  • No Travel money
  • Think of the costs
  • Positive Cashflow for at least 6 months
  • High performing teams
  • LOL and CS: GO
  • Starting now is very difficult
  • Good capital

Words of wisdom by starting a team today

  • You need to have a great foundation and some capital
  • 14+ years already in industry
  • Esports is not just a hobby anymore
  • Cheaper in Australia but it is catching up

Fnatic getting away from a sponsorship only model

Gradually learning to monetise 

Developing their own shop and clothing (2008)

The better you become as a team, the more you can market your own clothes and designs

  • Sponsorship
  • Shop
  • Clothing
  • Marketing Activations
  • Streaming
  • Fnatic Gear (Peripherals) – Quality products for gamers

Fnatic Branding

  • Counter-Strike 1.6
  • How does Fnatic target fans?
  • Target based locations
  • Picking up world class teams
  • Licensing restrictions
  • Teams and Performance first
  • Marketing to follow worldwide
  • Quality of Teams

Esports Trends

  • Back the publishers
  • Without publishers promoting their games it may not be around
  • League of Legends (2006)
  • You must be looking at what’s coming up
  • Right Game and Right Publisher
  • Heroes of Newerth Vs. League of Legends
  • PUBG Vs. Fortnite

Up-to-date with Games

  • League of Legends
  • CS: GO
  • Rainbow Six
  • Overwatch – Franchise model
  • Fortnite – Not a pure Esport? using content creators

 US Esports teams have high evaluations

  • Teams raising high evaluations
  • Teams spending a lot of money
  • Ability for Growth


  • Food companies
  • Snack foods
  • Healthy Drinks
  • Credit Cards
  • Music
  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Telephone

Any product that is to be marketed from 18 – 34-year old

The educational process to Non-endemic sponsors.

Kellogg’s breakfast bars.

Eventually making money through broadcasting rights

  • What’s the tipping point of sponsor verse own gear
  • A lot of sponsors get tighter with money
  • As you’re growing, they’re not growing with you
  • Difficulty and Risk
  • They forget that you’ve grown
  • Start with a small sponsorship, haven’t been prepared to go up to that value
  • Endemics have reached their budget
  • Reaching local councils and stadiums
  • Sports Stadiums
  • Live Events 

Expansion Fnatic into Australia

  • Rainbow 6 Team
  • Can’t take LOL team due to licensing
  • FIFA team
  • Overwatch contenders
  • Aren’t any other top teams.
  • Haven’t had the chance to become world class.
Fnatic – Website 
Anne Mathews – LinkedIn

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