#038 - Accounting for Esports and Gaming

with Chris Hillman, Rise Family Accounting


  • Background and pathway into Esports
  • Understanding Accounting for Esports and Gaming
    • The first 5 steps you need to take
    • Why would someone not use you and do it all themselves? Can they make it work without an accountant?
    • How do you justify your value add to a company that’s infant or without much funding?
  • Paradox Gaming Australia
    • Angel/seed investment?
    • What’s the process of you becoming involved?
    • What sort of energy or lens that Chris brings to Paradox Gaming (likeness to PlaySide and BIG – Creative/visionary, business/drive/delivery & finance/analysis)
    • Company direction & how you’ve helped to change or facilitate that
    • Diversification of income streams
  • Quick 101 on how a company runs on a loss & how a large company pays no tax while making revenue
    • $50b companies running at a loss (Uber & Spotify examples)
  • Plans for the future with Paradox and Rise FA 

Chris Hillman


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