Corporate Education

Duration: 1 Day or 3 Online Sessions

Establish your brand in Esports

Learn the basics of Esports. Identify where your brand or company fit and prepare a forward-thinking strategy.

Services Include

  • A planning & objectives meeting with you beforehand
  • Sending of presentation and outline before the day for your viewing and approval
  • The ‘esports history, lingo and developments’ presentation, half-day
  • identifying business opportunities in esports, half-day
  • You will also be given access to any presentations, documentation and notes produced


  • Esports definition and lingo
  • Esports history in ANZ and abroad
  • Analysing current gaming titles and their communities
  • Looking at businesses currently in the industry, how do they operate – identifying the ‘top players’ in each sector
  • Analysing the market, in terms of money
  • Looking at growth and projections
  • Problems that esports solves
  • Creative ways that other businesses are working in esports.

Business Topics

  • Example investment opportunities, broken down by sector

  • Identifying market entry costing and work needed
  • Brainstorming session, working towards staff strengths
  • Identification of one main topic, deep-dive and analysis
  • Learning how to do future research & networking opportunities

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